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Thursday, July 12, 2012

kesian kan lah dia :P

hey doll good morning <3
well , yesterday i released everything to farrah , my gedik doll :) hahahaha ! actually i almost quit yesterday but suddenly my directors called me and asked me to come down to hotel because they have something to ask me . alamak x lain x bukan lah ni ! then they forced me to tell , so i just share with them about this stupid budak2 punya kes :P nak buat cmne kan ... rupanya2 , dorg pon dah mmg tau dia ni mmg talam dua muka ! by then , i bru sure yg actually i already choose d wrong friend ! goshhhh ! i ddnt said anything , but suddenly puan said "betul lah mr.santiran mmg kata dia ni talam dua muka pon" ... hmmm then mmg kecian lah dia , stress sgt kot :P they did told me at anytime they can kick her out because she is an outsider ... btol2 x sedar diuntung ! tpi ktorg byk nya kesian laa . dia ni nak attention sbnrnya .. so bagi kan je lah :) i dunt have to worry actually , people nowadays dorg berfikir sblm buat any spekulasi tpi klau spesis paleolitik mcm dia , mungkin x lah kot :) everybody at my back :) alhamdulillah , i will not say anything , just let them judge :) btw , what farrah n me promised insyallah we will do it next year :) kumpul duit byk2 dlu yer .. owh btw , yy dah plan nak bli galaxy tab nnt so doakan saya berjaya yer :P
love u guys !
LiVe LaUgH LoVe