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Saturday, July 28, 2012

u stuck in my heart ...

hey doll , first of all sorry yeah imran i just stole ure pic from ure fb :P sorry ok ! well , almost month i ddnt update my realfanta .. i miss u babe :) hmm sbok sket :P 
owh be4 we start yy nak share bby khloya n lamlam yy dah xde :( mati sebb pe x tau ... hope they may rest in peace there ... ibu kejam buang dlm longkang je ! im not there so i dont knoe what happened ! im gonna miss them ! x sempat depa nak jadi penyu :P

imran ... 
what can i say bout him ... well , along cbok kat kapal .. 2 ari skli bru contact .. but i knoe how busy dia kat cna :) xpe lah ... last 2 weeks bila awang n wak nak cek out . imran cekin here . theres a new guy again ... but im not interested to befriend with him .. so , yy ignore jer coz i miss my along badly jugak ... but i dunt knoe what happened that make us closer n closer ... how can i describe bout what i feel ryte now . i like him . but he attached to somebody else . he did asked me , "bole i cyg u sket ?" apa yy nak jwb ? i cant take the risk anymore ... be with sumbody yg dah taken ... gosh ! but i cant deny it . i told him too i love him .. n in my mind , this is just for a while :) im single , i can do whatever i want n be with who ever i want :P who care ?? but this is soooo different ! i cant forget him at all ! i felt d jealous feeling whenever im with him .. gila lah !! im going to quit end of this month actually , but im waiting for him to leave first then i will leave too ... is that love ?? bullshit ! im not going to marry a welder ! but , syg ... how laaaa :( he did asked me , "can we just keep in touch later ?" n he did told me "im not going to contact u anymore after this ." either dia or me , we both confused .like everyday cakap merapu . hey we r not loving couple lah !! im counting ... like suddenly i remembered what ive told my ex , "im not going to hve a bf as long as i x dpt guy yg lagi bagus dri u  .."
n imran came in my life . totally imran is much much much better than rizal .. gosh ! again with d same situation .. but kali ni dfntly yy xkan let my feeling makan dri sndri is it ? so xpe lah , x slh if yy rsa cyg dia sket utk tempoh waktu yg sgt sekejap .. x lama mybe less than a month je ... then he leave n bye bye klang ... at least , be4 i resign , ade kenangan kat bayu view hotel ni :) tragis btol .. along laaa , awang sewel lgi :P , hanif yg ting tong lgi ... hisyam yg cnfident hensem lgi .. adeq yg rewang nya .. wak yg selenga nya :P yy xkan lupa lah sume nih ... diorg bombastic sgt !!! friends come n go yaya :) 
be strong ya n dont count it because it will hurt ureself ....

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