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Thursday, June 28, 2012

another story created

hey dolls :) lamanya x update , phewww ^_^
well mybe utk time nih yy x bole update with any picture sbb rsa cam mls je nak cri pic :) well , a lots of thing that i need to tell actually but like seriously im sooo busy so i dunt hve time to update this lovey realfanta >_<
soo , like everybody knows that now ni mmg jerebu kuat kan ... so ive got a very bad cough and cant talk nicely :P hahaha batok cakap btok cakap ! well , it almost 3 weeks n my cough dah better sket :) c , 2 botol ubat ok ! but ni pon mmg btok2 jugak ... sabau je lah !
talk about work , hmm cam biasa lah , wif my very annoying manager . well , dlu dia annoying but now he is a fucking bullshit bastard n what so ever ! like seriously every day ade je yg x kena ... dia ni mmg nak kne lempang kot ngan yy bru dia sedar ! u know he created this 1 stupid rumor regarding me ! fuck off lah makan dia ! mmg btol lah when all directors said dia ni mmg busuk hati , bawak mulut pasal mr. prabha bagai ! kan dah kantoi japgi dia pon x berani nak angkt muka da ... hmm memacam hal kan :) dah lah bodoh , hati pon busuk ... sedih btol ! well , im not going to back off at all actually u know . because i hve all directors n farah behind me . so this fucking stupid kayu can just back off ! i dunt hve to mention about what kind of rumor he had created here but it is enuff for me to said that im not going to forgive him as long as he didnt ask a forgiveness or whatever . pegi lah jalan klau kaw e.o ke apa ke :) bila sume citer dah kluar bru nak mngelabah pnggl dtg opis ckp x sronok klau yy dtg keje wat muka x happy ngan dia . eh of coz lah klau mulut kaw dah mcm taik ! then what u wanna me aspect anymore ?? dah x ksian dah kali ni , sorry lah but this time mmg dah xleh tgk dah muka si kayu nih ! lets just wait what is going to happen next kan . so anything yy akan update lgi ok :)

p/s : happy birthday yaya :)
(first wisher yeay :)
LiVe LaUgH LoVe

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


hey evryone ...
it almost 3 weeks like im here in bayu view hotel ... i dunt kne either i still can say yes im happy or not ... im so sorry but i really have to say this ... almost 3 weeks im here , i started to knoe every single people here ... im going to say like every one is good here including all my 'org besar' from the HQ :) but since 3 days ni i felt like im not me anymore .... its like i cannot say what i feel n what i want :( this morning , while im busy handling sumthing with mr.eddy then suddenly HQ called me n i forgot to say like 'hello, morning bayu view hotel" so she asked me 'whos there' ? nah , i cannot tipu anymore . i have to say like 'its yaya puan' :p there u r , kne tego lah sbb i forgot to say those such word by the time i pickup the phone ... end of this week , my parent will come here to check either me ok , happy safe here or not . suddenly i felt like im going to follow my parent back to perak :( im not happy .... i want my parent here .... i need my adeq to talk with ... i fall in love with all kind people here but this 1 guy kan , very annoying ! like im going to say IM DONE !!!!! yy dah mcm org bodoh kat cni .... ibu always remind me like "kakyang , klau x sronok kat cni tros kol nnt ibu dtg ambik ..." i miss my ibu :( like ... i dunt knoe what to say ... x kan nak lari dri keje kan ... smpi bila nak lari ... i dont want to quit !! but its like i need to go ... eh come on lah yaya bru 3 weeks ! yeah , n mr.santiran started to scold me because of my stupid mistake . i hate this situation ! x spatutnya me keep telling everybody dgn reason yg sama ... i dunt knoe . i hate klang because nothing here . but it is like impossible for me to leave my caring mr.prabha ... my funny n gedik miss farah :P my havoc kak yana ... im not going to leave them ! i dont knoe ... its like im sooo lost ! everything is ok kat cni ... tpi 3 ari ni bengkak hti je yy tgk dat guy .. y lah .... i need to be more strong like nothing happen :) today is tuesday .. got another 3 days for me to count n think ! do i need to stay here or just leave . i need to relax ... think ! siapa yg btol n siapa yg slh actually ... lets c what wll happen tmorrow n once yy got bamboooo from the aid then im going to say bye2 klang :)
love n hug :)
LiVe LaUgH LoVe