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Tuesday, June 5, 2012


hey evryone ...
it almost 3 weeks like im here in bayu view hotel ... i dunt kne either i still can say yes im happy or not ... im so sorry but i really have to say this ... almost 3 weeks im here , i started to knoe every single people here ... im going to say like every one is good here including all my 'org besar' from the HQ :) but since 3 days ni i felt like im not me anymore .... its like i cannot say what i feel n what i want :( this morning , while im busy handling sumthing with mr.eddy then suddenly HQ called me n i forgot to say like 'hello, morning bayu view hotel" so she asked me 'whos there' ? nah , i cannot tipu anymore . i have to say like 'its yaya puan' :p there u r , kne tego lah sbb i forgot to say those such word by the time i pickup the phone ... end of this week , my parent will come here to check either me ok , happy safe here or not . suddenly i felt like im going to follow my parent back to perak :( im not happy .... i want my parent here .... i need my adeq to talk with ... i fall in love with all kind people here but this 1 guy kan , very annoying ! like im going to say IM DONE !!!!! yy dah mcm org bodoh kat cni .... ibu always remind me like "kakyang , klau x sronok kat cni tros kol nnt ibu dtg ambik ..." i miss my ibu :( like ... i dunt knoe what to say ... x kan nak lari dri keje kan ... smpi bila nak lari ... i dont want to quit !! but its like i need to go ... eh come on lah yaya bru 3 weeks ! yeah , n mr.santiran started to scold me because of my stupid mistake . i hate this situation ! x spatutnya me keep telling everybody dgn reason yg sama ... i dunt knoe . i hate klang because nothing here . but it is like impossible for me to leave my caring mr.prabha ... my funny n gedik miss farah :P my havoc kak yana ... im not going to leave them ! i dont knoe ... its like im sooo lost ! everything is ok kat cni ... tpi 3 ari ni bengkak hti je yy tgk dat guy .. y lah .... i need to be more strong like nothing happen :) today is tuesday .. got another 3 days for me to count n think ! do i need to stay here or just leave . i need to relax ... think ! siapa yg btol n siapa yg slh actually ... lets c what wll happen tmorrow n once yy got bamboooo from the aid then im going to say bye2 klang :)
love n hug :)
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