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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

happy belated birthday yaya :)

hey yaya ! happy belated birthday :) sweet 21 yeah !! well , u grow up fast yeah ... like cant belved it u already in a 20s zone ! so please wake up n be more mature :) make peoples feel easy to be with u :) for haters , forever u cant stop them hunny .. ok lets remind ure memories ! what was happened on 29th june 2012 ??? well , im lucky i got my buddies all the way from sapura kencana here :) well , along , hisyam , kecik , sham , botak , and some more guys (sorry i cant rmember ) lol ! they bought me a cake n it was wrote on top "HAPPY BIRTHDAY YAYAH" !! hahaha ! its cool yeah along :) they r sooo sweet . badly , i ddnt snap any picture because i dunt knoe y ! but its ok , it is forever cool as long as i keep here , deeeeppppppppp in my heart <3
they r soo sweet ! well , along just left to sabah n d rest will leave end of this july . hmm , rilex yaya ... friends come and go :) well , i miss along badly .. tpi nak buat cmne , everyday i just can talk to him less than 30mnts :( hanif , d crazy guy ever ! already left . so i lost my 'mengilai' frens again :) sigh , really miss along .... like everyday when i sleep , his 'topi kerja' will accompany me :) so , like we planned .. end of this year mybe along n hisyam will come again n look after me :) yeah , we will see :P

ok , so happy birthday yeah yaya'h' :P lol !

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