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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

hurt :(

hey doll , how r ya ? gosh , i cant believed that this might happened so soon .. last nyte i just back off from imran .. u knoe , what we planned .. x jadi pon . awal pulak beliau buat perangai .. im soo disappointed with what had happned . but i dunt hve any right to object it . im sad , seriously .. but this is d fact yaya ... i still hve my abg dolla aka pak usu ! gosh im so sad .. i really need along ryte now .. but along maybe busy x sempt nak kol or sumthing ... yy rindu lah diorg ... i love him , but sedar lah wahai hati .. hes attached to sumbody else ! u cant be his lover forever .. yeah , igt tu yaya :) im glad because dah sehari yy x jmp dia . but he try his very best to pujuk me back ... i knoe im just tipu diri sndri .. but imran was gone .. itu afendy ! bukn imran ure imagination lah yaya ! im good .. thnks to farah n shaman sbb menadah telinga dgr me mengadu n everything n to abg dolla to .. in my heart .. it is empty now .. but im not alone . i still hve my sugardoll farra , my heandsome buddy shaman , my lovely 'daddy' abg dolla n bla bla blaaaa ! i hope that im okay .. god bless me , tabah yer yaya :)
hakikatnya , dia x salah kaw yg bodoh ..
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