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Monday, May 28, 2012

laugh , stresss , sad , afraid ^_^

hey klangiansss n perakiansss n all d malaysiannssss :)
how can i ekspressss kan what i feel right now :) soooso happy to be here :) with all k.yana , k.ros , farah , k.ayu n d kumbang here shaman n wan :) they r fabs <3 ari2 gelak je .. . so far a lots of perangai me faced here n it was cool . smlm ahad kan , so yy off day . but im still came to hotel n tolong k.yana wif the housekeeping :) da pandai ok ! pndai tukar sarung bantal je :P then help her count all the loundry until 2am ok ! today , sronok jugak :P sbb pgi2 dah nmpk guest from sabah yg hensem n cute staring n smile to me :p x tau lah plak klau i yg prasan but tdi when we terselisih kat lif they try to make sum wif blocking me :) aucchh ! hahaha :P n they greet me wif hai :) omgeees ! i cant imagine it . n then late evening when im so depresss wif this mr , i ran away from d front desk n ive met this 2 mr's n i dunt knoe like suddenly yy luahkan what i felt that time . so stress wif the overrrrload works ! then they advised me like crazy . luckily x cry2 :P touched because they very concerned bout me ! then going to downstairs , ive met this mr.s hahaha ! hensemmmm :p i dunt knoe , all my bossssss very concerned bout me n it makes me to jatuh hati dgn mereka . so al the time i saw them jantung ni mcm dupdupdupdup :P hmm , its so pelek u know , ari2 all this feeling came out all together .. sumtimes i can handle it . but sumtimes when i felt so tertekan sebb ditekan i always got sumbody to talk to :) thnks very mucchhssssss <3 arini mcm biasa keje yg x penah abes ... so esok im going to settle all martin's work n mr.khalid n have fun :) hope esok bole terserempak lgi wif the hensemessss sabah bhaaaa guys :P like seriously im typing all dis mengarut things while smiling ... alone !!! im happy here . alhamdulillah god protect me , my very best bosssss n blablablaaaa ...
love hug angels <3

wif d beauty n little girl fasha :) she quit already n smbung study kat matrix :) 

me , farah , fasha n k.ros ;)

me wif fasha while her last day <3

d hujung 1 is k.yana . my protecter , my sys , my jiran sblah bilek n my mengilai geng :P

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