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Sunday, May 6, 2012

esok .. bermula hari baru :)

yeellloooo <3 ok im try to make a  fast n furious update:) esok yy start keje kat manjung . i dunt knoe what will happen soon but yy hope everything is gonna be fine n smooth . i dunt even knoe either yy boleh handle my future boss's daughter or not . n yy pon x sure either yy will be comfortable stay kat rumah yg disediakan or x . mcm2 yy fikir . start esok yy kena handle all my boss's personal n sket2 pasal filing kat office . but yg sure 70% me will handle his personal lah . meaning every weekend bru yy balek rumah . tpi its ok , x salah yy mencuba :) msa interview aritu . my boss n his wife mmg totally sgt lah menyejukkan hati :) tu yg yy x neves sgt tuh . then , esok kol9 yy kne ade kat rumah dia . my boss will tell me everything that i have to do daily . so wish me luck :) n will update d balance soon :)
love hug kisssssses ! 

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