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Sunday, November 14, 2010

along is sick !!

along sakit ... she just called ayah last day n told dat she might get fever .. then ayah said go to clinic ! after an hours she called back n told dat doctor said nothing to worry coz she is fine ... there just about 'bengkak tonsel' n just drink alots of water .. a day after dat , she called ayah n told dat her throat bengkak but she can eat normally .. n also her body like just get 100deg but her deg is just 37 .. wat is wrong with her ?? then along go back to clinic coz in sudden die xleh bongkok coz sket perut at her right side ! then go to clinic on the other day n cek darah .. doctor said dat along got 'ependiks' ! oh dear .. y must u ?? then she needs to stay in a ward ! while ayah called her n she asked , "ibu ngan ayah x dtg tgk along kt hospital ke ??" ibu cried lots coz she so sad ! y must her daughter ada jauh dri die skang ?? they will go to pahang ! but not tonight coz tomorrow muning ayh needs to jemput angah back from kelantan at 4 am .. then after subuh tomorrow dey will proceed to pahang .. maybe they will stay in pahang for a few days n maybe until 'raya haji' .. 
then when d eid is coming , we , angah , me , kkcik  n adeq will cook for raya haji ..
omg ! soo sad :((
hmm btw , its ok as long as along is safe ..
god , please i beg u please let my sis live healthy like be4 .. i cannot see if my family got in trouble like dis :(
everyone here is sad n soo worried :( i hope dat she will be fine for her operation tonight :(
may god bless u along :(

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